We Have Been Proudly Serving Northern Colorado For Almost 20 Years.

And for 20 years we have been successful in providing our customers with quality in everything we do. Here at Timberland Colorado, we are dedicated to providing our clients with fence installation, sprinkler and irrigation services and so much more.

Our landscaping company started out with humble beginnings in Loveland, providing tree service to the local homeowners. Over the years, we began to offer more services such as fence installation, so that our customers could get comprehensive property maintenance all from one quality company.  

Timberland Colorado is dedicated to providing services to anyone and everyone, and never turns down a challenge. Whether you’re a commercial business looking for a landscaping company to provide exterior upkeep, or you’re a homeowners association looking for a beautiful landscape design at your neighborhood entrance, we can do it.

We also offer services such as sustainable living, through our walipini installations and other services.

We can also remove any debris from your property such as old lumber or beetle kill and are happy to be rid of pests without the use of harmful pesticides that kill the bugs that help us.

Regardless of what your property maintenance needs are, we can help take care of them. Our landscaping company is dedicated to giving our clients freedom in their requests and transparency and communication in our processes.

If you’re looking for a landscaping company to provide you with property maintenance, or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!