Residential, Commercial, HOA maintenance, design, and installation

Here at Timberland Colorado we are happy to offer a wide range of services for exterior improvement for homes and businesses. Our landscaping company is diverse in our services, giving homeowners and businesses alike, the access they need for property maintenance and more.

Take a look at the multiple services we have and what they entail.


Our Fencing Contractors Can Provide:

  • Cedar
  • Wrought iron
  • Chainlink
  • Vinyl
  • Barbed wire
  • Electric
  • 3 rail
  • Split rail
  • Automatic gates

Our fencing contractors can install almost any type of fence that you would like. From three to six foot cedar, picket, and 3 rail fence to chain-link, wrought Iron and vinyl fencing. Our customers can rest assure that the services and materials we use are of the highest quality. We use Enduras brand, as well as Ameristar. You won’t have to worry about faulty products, as we veer away from  big box store brands made in China! The products we use are American made.

14c940_4303de20a03744bb4557e4aec8771c4dOur Landscaping Company Can Provide:

All phases of new construction, landscape remodels and landscape design.

Our services are available for residential customers as well as commercial businesses.

Our landscaping services include rock, sod, plant and tree installation, design help, gardens, planters, edging, pavers, flagstone, water features, and much more!.

We also plant trees as well as sell plants! Our services are bountiful and will give the exterior of your home or business the boost it needs.  

97acfd_9c860df7cc6706b6556aed7f7d3af9a6Sprinkler/Irrigation Services:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs
  • Blowouts/Turn-ons

Taking care of your sprinkler systems can require specialized service from professionals like ourselves. Whether you need an entirely new system or just a blowout for the coming winter, our professional property maintenance providers can take care of it for you.

Bike with basket of flowers


  • HOA
  • Apartment maintenance
  • Commercial maintenance
  • We do snow removal!

Our property maintenance services are available for homeowners, but our services are most beneficial to entire HOA’s, large properties, and commercial businesses. We’ll keep your walkways safe and your lawn trimmed. Our clients benefit by getting all of their property maintenance services all from one place.

4b4d3935227c07095f9ca66acb35eb0cAnimal/Pet Specialists

  • Livestock containment and pastures
  • Chicken coops
  • Cat enclosures
  • Dog runs and kennels

Special pets needs special living quarters. From dog runs and kennel areas to chicken coops and livestock containment, we specialize in creating a safe space for your animals to roam and live. Our clients can rest assured that their pets will be kept safe and happy.

Other Services

  • Walipini Design
  • Fire Mitigation/beetle kill trees
  • pesticide-free yard consulting
  • And sustainable living advice
  • Hauling/Demolition/Cleanup

Please visit the Walipini page for more info on our pit greenhousesWe offer demolition services on old fences, and can even remove the old beetle kill that plagues your property. We also offer pesticide free yard consultations, so that you can be rid of the insects you don’t want, without killing the insects that you do want.