• Walipini Design
  • Fire mitigation/beetle kill trees
  • Pesticide-free yard consulting
  • And sustainable living advice
  • Hauling/Demolition/cleanup

Please visit the Walipini page for more info on our pit greenhouses

Keeping your family, pets and home safe from forest fires can be a daunting task. Let us clear those trees too close to the house, or dead and dying beetle kill trees from your land. (there is a $50 one time fee for anyone more than 10 miles west of the front range)

Pesticides and herbicides are killing our bees, and beneficial insects like Monarch butterflies. Let us show you how to live pesticide free, and create a better world for our kids and grand kids.

Starting on a more wholesome, sustainable lifestyle can be overwhelming, let us show you how to get started!

Seed/compost over seeding and deep tine aeration and aggregation systems – large areas, fields, parks, greenbelts. In addition to building – we can also tear it down! Demolition, hauling, cleanup, of just about anything including small buildings. We also will remove contents of homes free of charge depending on the materials and value.